Saturday, November 18, 2017

It is Subconscious My Friend

It is laughable how often spiritual people argue over the different paths out there. Supposedly we are ONE, but then we are out to prove that Jesus was more enlightened then Buddha, or the other way around. If you doubt that depressing statement, hang out a week in any of the spiritual FB communities and you will know what I am talking about.

I have seen corporate leaders and bureaucrats in action who were vicious in their actions. The amazing thing though, their language and mission statement were often flawless; it was their actions that were ruthless in contrast. It was then when I understood that they were merely driven by subconscious agendas that they themselves didn’t understand.

I post in spiritual communities for the reason that I know the intention is right here. Still, if you are truly interested in going all the way down this route of ego dissolution, concern yourself with your blindsight as well, the stuff that you simply take for granted, and perhaps don’t dare to question. Buddha was a scientist at heart, Jesus was a metaphysician, so you can be too.

When you ask me what I am doing about it, I believe in exposing myself to the battlefield of life. If actions, mindsets and results add up, we know that the subconscious agenda has become synchronized with what we think we are all about. If we find ourselves cutting off annoying people way too often to make the story work, know that there is still some work to do.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Spiritual Intelligence

Spiritual intelligence knows the difference between the ego’s voice and the Soul’s Voice.
(Kimberly Ananada)

Just because something feels good doesn’t mean that it is the right thing to do. Just because we are shaking in our boots doesn’t mean we shouldn’t saddle up anyway. Sometimes the mind is mistaken, sometimes the heart is confused, and sometimes they both don’t get what our Soul wants.

How can we say which way to go, and what to do? This is our story, so we decide. Deep inside us there is Voice always at our disposal. What is meaningful, what is unacceptable, what is exciting and what is holy. The Soul encourages us to live a story that we agreed to even before we were born. 

Life wraps itself around us. Everyone is our mirror, and everything is our messenger. Life knows what our Soul wants whereas we still have to awaken to Its message. Yet we call the shots, so we are co-creators of sorts, dancing to life’s beat, discovering its subtleness and finding the WAY. Spiritual intelligence is all that. 

True Healing

True healing leads us to GOD for only HE can heal us.

Often we search in the outside world for the answers and neglect what’s already inside of us. GOD lives in us, always. This doesn’t mean that we cannot get help from other people. To the contrary, GOD heals us sometimes through these people. They are GOD’s messengers, GOD’s channel, HIS angels and many faces. However, first realize that HE is behind everything. We need to be connected to our Spirit, which in turn is connected to GOD.

True healing empowers us and gives us strength to face the situations we need to deal with. We gain wisdom in the process. True healing leads us to our True Self, and GOD, 
because we finally understand that without HIM, no one could heal, period. True healing encourages us to rely on GOD.

When we help other people as GOD’s instrument, we help people just like how GOD helps us. How does GOD help us then? GOD helps us by standing by us. HE doesn’t take away our issues, but HE encourages us to face them. HE stands by us no matter what. With HIS trust and encouragement, we gain the strength to face our issues and tackle them one by one.  The more experience we have to deal with the issues at hand, the more confidence we have in ourselves and the more FAITH we have in GOD. Healing is a virtuous cycle.

We can only connect with GOD when our minds are still.  When there is lots of noise in our minds, it’s hard to experience GOD’s presence and HIS message. True healing leads us to trust in the Beyond and a mystic world opens up to us. We somehow no longer worry about what is happening to us in this mundane world.

When you experience that GOD is always with us, and stands ready to help us, how can we have fear?  How can we feel not loved?  How can we not be healed? True healing leads us to FAITH and now we are gifted with HIS healing power.

Thank you, my dear Heavenly FATHER!  Thank you for your love and guidance!  I love you!

By Su Zhen

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Alzheimer’s - Love to the Rescue

Bill Gates just gave millions in support to battle Alzheimer’s disease. Good for him, this is an epidemic of depressing proportions. One day we can probably prove that our cancerous modern lifestyle, as well as the toxic nutrition we consume has plenty to do with it. Yet, there is also a very simple spiritual remedy, embrace love every step of the WAY!

Alzheimer’s is the disease of forgetting. It is the ‘I’ consciousness shutting down because the burden of facing the repressed  ‘sins’ of the past is too hard to bear. An ‘awakened’ person may have the same holes in the brain in old age, yet the ‘System’ finds a way around. Just as the scared conversation partner tries to recollect names, places and arguments, the ‘awakened’ merely responds “Well, ... “. Magically, given the gist of the conversation, and his presence, it is the perfect response!

The image below is our society’s stereotype reaction, our ‘smart’ brain is protecting us from the foolishness of our heart. Yet, few know that every time we say ‘no to love’ as we are afraid to be vulnerable, we burn a hole in our brain that one day will catch up with us. Find the perfect balance between heart and mind and you can keep Alzheimer’s at bay.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Psychology, Soul-Wisdom and Spirituality

Psychology will tell you that the ego can be healed from traumatic experiences, childhood abuse, a misplaced education, and so much more. They certainly have a point. There is something like a ‘healthy self’ in contrast to a pathological one.

Spirituality will tell you that there is a SPIRIT world the ego knows nothing about. To the psychologists they would say that by solely zooming into the ‘healthy self’ we miss the point that we are infinitely more.

Soul healing is somewhere in between. It can be self-focused in the sense that the Soul may desire a life partner, a professional mission, or a certain experience to heal the past and graduate to the next spiritual level.

There is self, Soul and SPIRIT. We can be mindful of all these dimensions and express our SELF accordingly.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Returning HOME Here and Now

The only thing that separates you from me is a frequency, which is a different expression of the same energy.
(Teal Scott)

We evolve in spirals. Everyone has a different starting point and a different destination, with the ever present opportunity to act in accordance with the WAY. The movie is the same for all of us. The battle of good and evil, the aspirations and temptations; the failures, successes and missed opportunities. Some ‘awakened’ masters are caught with their hand in the cookie jar, while some murderers confess and atone before their day of judgement arrives. As they say, every saint has a past and every sinner a future.

Once we embrace Teal Scott’s notion of us having separate journeys along different spiritual frequencies, all judgement becomes meaningless. We are all the same playing out different roles in GOD’s maya. The HOME coming journey is guaranteed for all of us. Can you accelerate this journey here and now? Sure! Understand that the Dark Night of the Soul episode is a perfect opportunity to lay low. Understand your suppressed desires and express them. Bring purpose and passion together and be HOME every step of the WAY.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Make Whole but don’t forget to Recharge

Do not give dogs what is sacred, do not throw your pearls to pigs.
(Matthew 7-6)

We spiritual travelers have come to make whole. Our friends battle out different views, but our very presence allows the parties to transcend their conflict and reach a higher, unified plane of consciousness.

Yet, at the end of the day we are human like everyone else. We can only walk on water if GOD grants us HER blessing. We have fears, carry the baggage of the past, and sometimes lack spiritual VISON ourselves. Sometimes we simply need a time-out to consolidate, recharge and re-connect with the FORCE that is always at our disposal.

Integrate and make whole but don’t forget to take good care of yourself at the same time. The SPIRIT has to explain the meaning of the past to us, and the people we communicate with need time to adjust to a higher vibration, or leave the scene.  All of this requires time, so please be patient.  

Should you ever come across a situation where SPIRIT is no longer visible, just walk away. Jesus’ warning not to throw the spiritual pearls before the swine is there for a reason. Never invite self-abuse in the name of spirituality. It is not the WAY!